Week Beginning 26-9-12


After a long weekend we have a lot to catch up with. So let’s get on with it.

Wednesday 26th

I will collect the last of your discursive essays today. You’ve had a good week to finalise your drafts. I promise to have them marked within a week. This week we will need to batter on with ‘The Catcher in the Rye’. You should be at Chapter 14. So chapter 15 today. We will return to the ducks and why they are so important to Holden. I think if we can understand that then it will give us a real insight into Holden’s problem.

Hopefully you will begin to see that the Ducks are not as daft as they seem. Read over notes tonight.

What makes the ducks so interesting to Holden?

Thursday 27th

Chapter 16 of ‘The Catcher in the Rye’. The ducks are another example of symbolism. Remember why the hat was important. Today we’ll look more closely at why they are linked.

I also want to write the next section of our sample essay. All about Holden’s attitude and the opening sentence of the novel. Read the first chapter again to remind yourself what happened.

How does the opening sentence of the novel reflect Holden’s character?

Friday 28th

Chapter 17 of ‘The Catcher in the Rye’. I know this week is a bit repetitive but we are trying to catch up after the holiday weekend. Final work on The Ducks and finishing off the Critical Essay. You will have loads to work on. I now should have a Discursive essay from everyone and you will have one model Critical Essay. I want you to now go away and work on that Critical Essay. Look at the structure and the way it is put together. You will be assessed on Critical Essay on Wednesday 10th October.

You also have the first Close Reading NAB on October 9th. So that will be a big week.


Close Reading NAB October 9th

Critical Essay Assessment October 10th


Week Beginning 17th September

The purpose of this Blog will be to assist you throughout the year in your quest for an Intermediate Two pass in English. I will post the weekly plan here on a Sunday and when you sign up today, you’ll receive an e-mail alert to tell you when it is ready to read. I’ll also post helpful links, articles as well as photographs of board work you may have missed or want to look at again. Fifth year is all about taking responsibility for your own learning. This is an opportunity for you to do so. Please sign up with an e-mail address -on the left of this page – and use it well.

Monday 17th

We are in the library today looking at the Class Blog and I want you to become familiar with the things on it. I recommend things you should be watching on TV. I might sometimes recommend a newspaper article you’ll need to read or a resource of which you should be aware. sign up, using a valid e-mail address, and wait for the links next week.

After that, go and read or change your book.

Tuesday 18th

Your essays are due today and it will be vital that they are. We will be using the checklist we came up with last week in order to assess our writing before we even hand them in. If it doesn’t’ tick every box then it won’t pass so we need to address that before we even get a red pen on it. Try to read at least one person’s essay as well as your own before you hand it in. When we looked at the exemplars last week we said that it was helpful to see good examples of  what we need. Today is our opportunity to do that,

One of the questions which came up in last week’s Orient Express article was a ‘context’ question. This is where you are asked to work out the meaning of a word from the context (what is happening around it). I’m giving you a note today and we’ll look at a couple of  examples.

We will also read The Catcher in the Rye  Chapter 11 to find out what happens to Holden next. Then, to finish off, we will continue with our sample critical essay on the opening chapter. We wrote an introduction last week and we’ll write a first section today.

Wednesday 19th

I will be out of school today and tomorrow. I expect you to complete the following:

Read Chapters 12 and 13 of The Catcher in the Rye

Worksheet on Context examples

Thursday 20th

see above


finish Chapters 12 and 13 by next Wednesday

Discursive Essays due Tuesday 18th

Context examples