What if Money was No Object?


Close Reading Board Notes 14-12-12

1- this question is a context question. Remember that two marks are available. One for the meaning. One for quoting the words or phrases in the first paragraph which help you understand the meaning.

2- a- only one mark. Very brief answer. Which example of different punctuation do you

2-b. What does he mean by conversational? Chatty? Informal? Again only one mark so keep it short

2 -c Contrast means to show the difference. Which ‘opposite’ words do you see? How do they show difficulty?

3 A link question. Easy. ‘The phrase _____________ links back to the topic of ___________. The phrase _____________ links forward to the topic of____________.

4. Easy two marks. Two bullet points. Answer IN YOUR OWN WORDS

5. When you see the word ‘structure’ in a question you should immediately be looking for sentence structure. What stands out in these two sentences AND why does it do so? YOu are answering two parts here.

6. Same as 4. Dead easy. Two bullet points.

7. Two bullet points again. It is the words ‘more familiar’ which are the clues. How did he feel about things up until now! How does he feel about things after this? In your own words.

8. Simple, short quotation. No full sentence. One mark.

9. A- Two bullet points. When you see the word ‘techniques’, the question is among you to think about all of the language techniques we’ve worked on. Sentences structure, repetition, punctuation, imagery. Which ones do you spot in this paragraph. For each bullet point you must quote and example then say how it’s shows how stupid he felt.

9 b – Why might he be relieved? One mark, very brief answer, not a full sentence.

10 simple two bullet points. See 4 and 6. In your own words.

11. Imagery question. What does he compare his problem to? Remember about Literal and Figurative. Describe the thing being compared. One mark. Explain why this helps explain his problem. Two marks. Simple.

12. When you see the words ‘explain how’ it is usually asking you to recognise and explain a technique. Which one do you see? One mark. Why do you think it was used? Two marks.

13. Remember when we worked on Puns? Newspaper headlines which had double meanings? Think about that here. Two different phrases. Two marks.