Week Beginning March 12th

So prelim is over. We know where we are. Who’s up for the challenge? I’ll expect any writing pieces to be handed in by Friday. Let’s get on with it….

Monday 12th

Apologies again for being out of school today but it is unavoidable. I’ve left some work on Tone for you. We discussed this on Friday. Books will be available. Remember, though, that what I’ve been trying to get across is that tone is not a separate language technique. All of the other language points we have studied – word choice, imagery, sentence structure etc – all add to the tone of a passage. So, when considering the tone of a piece of writing, look at these first. We’ll have a look at this tomorrow.

and read this…because it’s really good

Roddy Doyle: the joy of teaching children to write

Tuesday 13th

I’m hoping we’ll finish the analysis of The Almond Tree today. This is all Textual Analysis work, which should help you with the NAB on Wednesday. We will all be sitting it regardless of whether we have that pass or not. It is great practice for understanding literature. How does a writer use language effectively to get a make a point?

Wednesday 14th

Textual Analysis NAB first period.

In the second we’ll discuss a plan and a task for The Almond tree. I’m confident that you know how to structure Critical Essays very well now so I’ll give you three periods to finish this.

Thursday 15th

Return of the NAB. I marked it last night. In the future… We will have a celebratory look at our passes. And a return to writing Folio. At what stage are we, two weeks before it is due to be completed?

Friday 16th

‘The Almond Tree’ Critical Essay


Writing Folio should be completed by 28th March

The Almond Tree Critical essay should be completed by Monday 19th March

Hamlet Critical essay assessment Thursday 22nd March


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