Week 23 – No Procrastinating

Well done for getting through the double Critical Essay last week. From what I’ve seen so far, there is real progress in the class and your understanding of more challenging literature is impressive.  However, after a month of newspaper work, do you really understand Sentence Structure? Many of you seem to be a wee bit unsure of how to analyse or, to be honest, are not giving that enough thought.

 Monday 30th

With Wednesday’s full Close Reading practice in mind, we will look at an article from Sunday’s paper and try to make our study of language a bit more real world. Why doe we study English; why do we study the language; how does it relate to everyday life? Let’s look at how the techniques we are learning can be applied.

Don’t expect the Tories to regret this bloody battle over benefits

Tuesday 31st

Hamlet essay. The first of two periods when I’ll allow you to work on this. However I want you to keep the grade related criteria (marking scheme) in front of you as you do so. It will allow you to focus on the correct areas.

Wednesday 1st

Full Close Reading practice. One hour forty five minutes. This may take five minutes of your break but, believe me, it’ll be worth it.

 Thursday 2nd

Hamlet. See Tuesday.

Friday 3rd

We are about a fortnight away from the Prelim and making good progress. Language skills will be the priority so we I’ll introduce the next ‘Newspaper’ theme for February. Word choice and connotation.


Monday February 6th Hamlet Critical Essay

Friday February 10th Newspaper Work

By Prelim leave – Discursive next draft


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