Week 21 – Critical Essay Week

As I said last week, one of the hardest things about writing two Critical Essays this week is the physically draining writing, non-stop for 90 minutes you will have to do. I’ve never known anyone to write for less than that and get a good mark. Keep that in mind. This will be a big test for you but you are more than capable.


Monday 23rd

A last wee chat about Wednesday I think but today we’ll draw together our final thoughts on Revenge in Hamlet. How does Hamlet’s procrastination affect the lives of others? How do we then assess Hamlet’s guilt? Could deaths have been avoided? Which sacrifices might he have had to make?


Tuesday 24th

This month we will be focusing on Sentence Structure and punctuation. Newspaper work will deal with this but today we’ll look at a more detailed example together. At supported study last week we talked about how good writers naturally know how to punctuate through speech as much as anything. They think about pauses and breaths.

Wednesday 25th

Double Critical Essay. No getting round that. Big day so no after school class this week. You will be exhausted.

 Thursday 26th

Returning Discursive essays. Next steps.

Friday 27th

I’ll give this period over to you to begin to write the Hamlet essay. We have been through everything you’ll need so a chat about the success criteria and you’ll be fine. Remember that writing about Revenge is not as easy as it sounds. You must not drift into a character study of Hamlet but reflect the theme and how he reacts to it.

A week to do it.


Full Close Reading practice Wednesday February 1st

Friday February 3rd Hamlet Critical Essay

Friday February 3rd Newspaper Work


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