Zero Hour Approaches…

Just over three weeks until Prelim time. Working hard is not an option if you want to pass Higher English. That means, if you haven’t started working yet you are already falling behind. Make this week the big one.


Monday 16th

I’m sure you have a good grasp of Revenge in Hamlet now. Last week was, more or less, about providing you with the information. I gave you a few very good handouts and asked you to try and bring some ideas together, especially on the ‘oh what rogue and peasant slave am I’ soliloquy. This week we’ll try and bring everything together. Today’s question. How is the theme of revenge first introduced to us?

Tuesday 17th

Even though Hamlet knows who murdered his father, he procrastinates and fails to take his chances. Why does he do so? What evidence do you have to say that? Oh, we’ll also be visiting the library today so make sure you bring books etc.

Wednesday 18th



Square Pegs in round holes? Slightly more interesting after the Independence row this week. Does that definition apply to Scotland? Today will be all about blogging your thoughts and your writing. I’d like you to engage with your Glow Blogs more from home this term. Blogging is a great way to practice writing and work on errors without any pressure. Try it. It is the future.


Thursday 19th 

Next Wednesday you’ll be attempting your first double critical essay assessment. I don’t think you are ready for Hamlet yet so the other two will suffice. Some revision then. Bit of mindmapping? Let’s get out of our seats today.

Friday 20th

What effect does Hamlet’s procrastination have on other characters? Think about how revenge affects the actions of Laertes, especially. How is he used to place a mirror up to Hamlet? Does it work?


Double Critical Essay next Wednesday

Newspaper Work next Friday

Hamlet essay due 30th January


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