Windy, Stormy Glow Chat Room alert

Remember the ‘November’ assessment tomorrow. Due to the bad weather and today’s school closure, I’ll be on the Glow chat room at 2 o’clock today. Please stick your head round the door and come and ask some questions about the poem. See your there!


Week 16 – It’s Beginning to look a lot like Christmas

Believe it or not, there are only two and a half weeks until Christmas break. In that time, though, we have so much to do. After starting ‘Hamlet’, we will be pushing ahead with that and want to at least have finished the read through by Christmas. Please have your book with you every day.


A closer look at first act of Hamlet. We left the play on Friday with Hamlet pursuing his father’s ghost. What might he find out? Will the ghost speak? Does he have a message? It is very important to get the gist of the first act as it sets up the problems which Hamlet is faced with in the rest of the play. Don’t be afraid to stop and ask questions today.



And eventually…that Close Reading exercise which you wrote a couple of weeks back. Time to find out if your questions were good ones. Or, more importantly, your answers were accurate and reflected the questions well. What do you think you will have learned from this exercise?


Part of the problem with NABS, I think, is that you occasionally fail to present your work properly. What I mean by that is that you often write too much for smaller questions leaving you too little time to do the bigger ones. Over the last few days we’ve been going through a complete past paper, step by little step, showing you what I think you should be doing at each stage. So, on to passage two today.


What did you notice about Hamlet’s introduction? How did his attitude contrast with the words he was using? Today we’ll take a closer look at his first appearance and how Shakespeare’s language effectively draws us into his dilemma.



Popcorn day. Let’s watch the film



‘November’ Critical essay assessment



No specific homework at the moment but please keep reading the newspapers.