Week 14 – Do, do, do…

There is something about the Conga that is both horrible and brilliant at the same time. A dance you would never, ever think of doing at any other time seemed o be amazing fun when you do it up the corridor of the English Department. Well done! I’m very proud of you all.


The work on the supermarket article on Friday is of the standard that you will expect to see in the exam. The purpose of the group exercise – and I’m quite happy to give four or five periods over to this – is to think about creating questions which both challenge and guide the person answering them. If you can do that well you can begin to think about the questions in the exam and how they may be answered.


We should now be right tin the middle of your own Close Reading creation. Remember that you will need to construct an answer scheme as you go. It wouldn’t be a great idea to leave it until the end. Make it hard but not impossible. The examiners want you to answer in a particular way but questions should also be a guide.


Still on the group task.  I’d hope you would finish this today. If not, it will be for homework.


I mentioned last week that Personal Reading would begin to be much more important. Today I want you to be working on the same type of things we look at for the Newspaper work. Find examples of imagery, interesting sentence structure, context, links, word choice, everything. We learn real reading skills in English not merely to prepare for the exam.
Hamlet is one of those plays of which even teachers get a wee bit scared. They say it is the greatest, they say it is the most complex; but I think it is a wonderfully rewarding piece of Literature which affects us all. Let’s get stuck in…


Discursive Writing due on December 2nd

Newspaper work due on Fridays


2 comments on “Week 14 – Do, do, do…

  1. Jack McLintock says:

    when do you want the discursive essays on glow for?

  2. Mr Pieper says:

    Read the whole post, Jack

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