Week 13 – Lucky, lucky you

While this is a short week – for you anyway – don’t be mistaken for thinking that you can take your foot off the gas. November is notoriously a difficult month in terms of NABs and Critical Essay in particular so keep on top of things. It’s about to get tough! Keep in mind, what you should be working on.

100 words on The Catcher in the Rye

‘November’ Critical Essay for Wednesday

Tuesday 15th

I’m returning Discursive essays today. While it has been a while since you’ve seen them, I’m hoping that you’ll be able to put into practice all of the things we’ve been working on in terms of sentences structure, tone etc. Remember that language is not learned in isolation. It affects everything we do. I’m reasonably happy with the topics you’ve chosen but it will take a more concerted effort as it is a Folio piece remember.

Wednesday 16th

In the double period today we’ll be doing quite a bit of writing. I want to return to the Class page on Glow and show you how the Class Blog works. This is where I want you to post your final discursive pieces but you will also be helping and commenting on each others’ work: which is how a blog should work. Don’t be afraid of this: last year the class loved it after initially being nervous and it really helped. Writing should be for a real audience, not just for me.

We’ll also be looking closely at the ‘November’ essays. I want you to, again, read each others’ essays before you hand them in. I expect a high standard this time as we’ve already completed one Critical Essay but let’s go back to the Marking Criteria and see where we’re at.

Thursday 17th

Textual Analysis is a really difficult assessment to pass and the ‘Great Expectations’ passage was a tough one. It would be unfair if I didn’t go through this one in great detail- at least so you had the structure of the answers required. So, that’s what we’ll we do. This is more about skills than marks so I’ll be asking you to think about lay out as much as anything.

Friday 18th

Wee bit of a change of direction today. Group exercises allow you to share your confusions as well as help each other find answers and I think that is really important. We are starting a mini project which will take about five or so periods. It will require a lot of focus and team work. Music an biscuits may well ease the pain.


Newspaper Work due on Friday 25th

Discursive essay on Class Blog for Wednesday 30th


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