Week 11 – We’re back!

We’ve made great progress this year already and I’m delighted with the turn out at Supported Study last week. I expect to see more of you on Wednesday.


Monday 31st

While it is clear that ‘November’ by Simon Armitage is not the cheeriest of poems, we have to investigate the real meaning. All poems are, I think, influenced by personal experience so we have to analyse the poet’s true meaning. After discussing the ‘Understanding’ part of the task last week, we’ll look closer at the analysis today. How does the poet use effective language techniques to allow us to understand the true meaning of the poem? Look at this document:


Textual Analysis November

We’ll also have a wee chat tomorrow…Critical Essay assessment. Perhaps a Glow Chatroom?

Tuesday 1st

The first Critical Essay timed assessment of the year. The Catcher in the Rye. Go for it. Don’t do what Holden did in his History exam. No wee notes at the end..



Wednesday 2nd

I hope that you are beginning to see the links between Understanding, Analysis and Evaluation. If you can get these then everything will begin to fall into place. Analysis is all about recognising the effect of techniques and how they help the writer to make his or her point. Today we’ll look at how evaluation recognises the effectiveness of that language. How successful was Simon Armitage in using language to get his point across?

Thursday 3rd

The imagery question. As this is the focus of the newspaper work this month, I’ll be expecting you to be able to do this with your eyes closed – though not literally. Remember: quote, literal meaning, figurative meaning. Can’t go wrong. Lots of practice today.

Friday 4th

As always, a wee catch-up day on a Friday. Saying that we are facing a big load of writing coming up so I want to draw some ideas together on November to see what we need for a Critical Essay.



Newspaper Friday 11th

November Critical Essay Monday 14th


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