Week 9 – We Made It!

Don’t make the mistake of switching off in the last week before October holiday. The NAB is very important and the work we do on the poem will be vital if you are to hit the ground running after the holiday. So, let’s get the first NAB out of the way, dust ourselves off and pat ourselves on the back on Friday.


Some language work today, as we prepare for the first NAB. I want to look at an article from The Guardian by the great Douglas Copland –  you MUST read some of his books – about a guy called Marshall McLuhan. He talked a lot about the media way before anyone else. You should check him out too. Anyway, here’s the link to the article.

Why McLuhan’s chilling vision still matters today


‘November’ by Simon Armitage. As a wee introduction to the poetry element to the course, I’ll issue and read a copy of the poem. It is one we read in June, but let’s have a wee moment of contemplation. It deals with many issues, not merely ageing and the inevitability of death – cheery stuff, eh? – so let’s try to get our heads around it.


Close Reading Assessment. No problems. Don’t panic


I’m not lying to you so I wouldn’t say that NABs or The Catcher in the Rye Critical Essays will be marked before you break up for the holiday. I’ll do my best though. What I will say is that today we’ll start to get a bit deeper into the Armitage poem. Might look at some of the language, discuss some of the issues.


Last day before the holidays. Well done, you’ve earned. Let’s go over a lot of the things we’ve done this term,. Cleaning out the debris. Ready for a big term up until Christmas.




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