Week 7 – And the leaves are falling…

Hope you had a great weekend and are refreshed and ready to go. I’m looking forward to lots of writing this week; both your creative drafts and discursive work. You’ll be surprised at how quickly October week comes around so let’s get moving. Five words for this week?  Gold, ring, anonymity, help and penguin. Oh, the suspense, the suspense!


Tuesday 27th

So we got there eventually. Holden’s story comes to an end and we start to question just what it was all about. What answers does he find? How does he get there? What questions are we left with? And how do the symbolic references come together? Be prepared to talk today as I’m stepping up the interaction thing this week.

Wednesday 28th

I’d like to take a close look at the ending today. What references are there to Holden’s ‘so-called’ realisation that he has to grow up. Are there any? And what is the significance of ending up at a carrousel?

In the second period we’re going to be looking at two passages on the same subject. Have a look tonight if you get the chance.

Should internet commentators use their real names?

This is a real issue in the age of online interaction and mobile communication. It also allows us to compare two styles and discuss how different wri
ters present their case. Should be a good one.

Thursday 29th

As it’s a short week, I’d like to finish off discussing Holden Caulfield by investigating his inability to stay on his feet throughout the novel. He falls a lot and is afraid of disappearing. What is the significance? Why should we care? This will form the basis for our first Critical Essay.

Friday 30th

As it’s Friday we’ll have a bit of a catch up today but I’m aware we lost a couple of periods earlier on. I want to have a wee bit of a chat on what’s coming up before October break. Critical essay has been put off for long enough so be prepared. Music and biscuits may well be on the cards…if I remember. Although I’m sure you lot will remind me.


Language Revision – Close Reading NAB on its way.

Symbolism plan for Wednesday


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