Week 6 – Almost first holiday…

After last week’s shouting  it seems that this will be a wee short week in school; that doesn’t mean we cut down on the work load however. After September weekend we will be starting our first Critical Essay on ‘The Catcher in the Rye’ and there is loads to be getting on with. It is amazing how quickly September weekend has come around. Time is flying. Five words to describe this week? Broken, record, links, shouty and lie- in.

Monday 19th

In this week’s section we read about Holden’s eventual return home. What changes do we see in him as he gets there? At which times does he appear happiest? There is a real feeling of him descending into depression until he gets home. We’ll discuss his persistent attempts to connect with what he thinks is the adult world. And Little Shirley Beans? Surely symbolic. No, honestly.

Tuesday 20th

It might be just a hat but it’s my hat and I love it. Holden’s connection to the red hunting hat is clear. Some sort of comfort blanket? The symbolic references become clear but let’s spend today pulling those ideas together.

Wednesday 21st

So how does it all link together. I’d hate to think that Holden’s hat and his concern for the ducks were not linked; clearly we will need to investigate that. We’ll finish reading the book next week and forming a stronger understanding of what this book is really about.

In the second period, which is becoming a regular language period, we’ll be looking at the Link question. Link? See the link? Not a sausage in sight, however. The link question is easy but needs to be done.

Thursday 22nd

Today is the day to get started on our Discursive/ Persuasive writing. Plans in hand, a whole period to get started and a week to finish. Remember that passion and anger you felt when screaming yourselves silly last Thursday. Good luck.

Friday 23rd

Have a lie-in. You deserve it.


Finish novel for Tuesday

Draft of Discursive /Persuasive for Thursday

Newspaper work for Friday


4 comments on “Week 6 – Almost first holiday…

  1. Rachel says:

    Is the discursive for this thursday or next? I am slightly confused.

  2. mrpieper007 says:

    For Thursday 29th, Rachel.

  3. Jack McLintock says:

    I don’t really understand what we have to include in the plan for the discursive, is it just a paragraph plan or how we’re going to structure it?

  4. Jack McLintock says:

    oh wait, doesn’t matter – just seen the deadlines

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