Week 5 – Yes. It is Only Week 5

Okay, troops. I trust you’ve all had a good weekend. I’ve been busily reading your Creative Writing; more of which later. Five words to describe this next week?  Loneliness, Ducks, Figurative, Passion and Biscuits. Sounds like a very bad seventies Rock band. Or the five Teletubbies who failed the interview. Anyhoo, let us proceed.

Monday 12th

The next section of Holden’s journey sees him venture further into, what he sees, as the adult world. How does this experience confirm or contradict his view of adulthood. I think there are some very funny scenes in this section but also some heart-breakingly sad parts too. Is his real problem becoming clearer? Today we’ll talk about this section in detail.

Tuesday 13th

What’s with Holden’s curiosity with the ducks in Central Park? Symbolically, we’ll see that the Ducks hold a very special place in our study of symbolism in the novel as well as in Holden’s childhood. Where do they go? Isn’t it obvious? Even the cab driver could see it..well…if he cared…

Wednesday 14th

Creative Writing returns. I’m giving you quite detailed comments but you’ll notice that your writing will not be corrected. Specifically against SQA rules I’m afraid. In the first period today, I’m giving you time to read, ask, and begin to work on your writing, which is very impressive, I might add. Really enjoyed reading those.

Candidate Guide to the Higher English Writing Folio

In the second period we’ll be taking what we learned about the Ducks yesterday, in terms of symbolism, and seeing how that knowledge relates to language in general. How does imagery work? We may look at a couple of exam questions but, hopefully, you’ll be able to do this very easily.

Thursday 15th

After last week’s intiial discussion on Discursive writing, I’m hoping you’ll have something on your mind today. Don’t worry if you haven’t thought it through fully, but have some things spinning around in your head. Today we’ll discuss how to develop our ideas and take them forward.

Friday 16th

I’m really enjoying the way we end the week. It’s good to summarise the week and round off any little bits we’ve missed or go over certain problem areas. Usually with a foot-tapping, head-nodding soundtrack. Will try and avoid Michael Jackson as certain members of the class get a wee bit over excited….

Newspaper homework again, though. Don’t forget.


Read to page 150 of ‘The Catcher in the Rye’ for next Monday

Creative Writing for Wednesday

Clear outline/ plan for Discurise Writing for Wednesday

Newspaper work for Thursday


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