Week 4 – The Plan

Last week was a good one and I hope you liked the opening to ‘The Catcher in the Rye’. Remember that I love it so much that you are entitled to tell me to shut up if I get too carried away! Now we’re getting into the course a bit more, this week I want to pick up the pace a little. A little bit of everything, I think.

Monday 5th

I asked you to read up to page 52 (end of chapter 8 ) of the novel for today. I’d like to spend some time picking out key points and, perhaps, begin to shape a few of the early symbolic references. I think you will pick up on his references to ‘depression’ and ‘crazy’ but what did you make of the hunting hat? Holden’s fear of falling and disappearing? I think it is essential that we take time to look at his departure from Pencey Prep – the beginning of his journey.

Tuesday 6th

Today, we’ll be working on symbolism in the opening chapter of ‘The Catcher in the Rye’. Remember that we are introduced to Holden standing on top of Thomsen Hill looking down on everyone else. Metaphorically very interesting.

Wednesday 7th

Blogging today and we’ll return to Glow. I want you to get into a regular habit of Blogging as I think it will help you improve your confidence in Writing for an audience. Look at the following examples of why Blogging works.

Could Blogging Be the Key to Raising a Generation of Great Writers

You should also read the following article. I think you may find it interesting.

5 Reasons Our Students Are Writing Blogs and Creating E-Portfolios

In the second period, we will be looking at sentence structure questions, in particular, at those in the 2007 Close Reading you completed last week. Remember that Close Reading is not about how to pass the exam but how we increase our understanding of how language works.

BBC Bitesize Sentence Structure Revision

Thursday 8th

As you’ve, hopefully, handed in your first attempt at Creative Writing, this is an appropriate time to introduce the second Folio piece – Discursive/ Functional.  What is happening in the world that you’re really passionate about? And when I say passionate, I don’t exactly mean….ah, forget it. What angers you, excites you, enthuses you? These topics always make the best pieces of writing. We’ll talk about how to go about narrowing down your choices.

Friday 9th

Again, a summary day. There’ll be chances to catch up with Writing and Sentence Structure work but I’m changing my mind on the Reading part. Last week there was no real opportunity to read the novel quietly so we’ll leave that for home, thank you very much. Newspaper work is due today, however.


Read to page  102  of  ‘The Catcher in the Rye’ for Monday

Choose a  Discursive/ functional topic for Wednesday

Newspaper Work for Friday


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